Quienes somos

We are a group of ambitious and brave young people who work together towards the same goal; Offer sensational bursts of flavors in a simple bite. And it is possible, thanks to the gourmet products of the highest quality we have. Our main motivation is to change the concept of exclusivity. We believe in change. By providing the possibility of offering excellence to the greatest possible number of people. We want it to be something accessible to anyone who enjoys the best gourmet products. That is why we access the market. With very competitive prices. Our three main values ​​direct our actions towards the best service for our clients:
1. Efficiency
2. Excellence
3. Commitment


Caspian Tradition is a prestigious company founded in 1995, specialized in the production and distribution of Iranian caviar from Beluga. Caspian Tradition acquired La Maison du Caviar in Brussels in 2011. It exports 90% of its caviar to other European Union countries and other continents. Thanks to its Iranian experience, it has earned the trust of its customers gastronomy.

Currently, Ambrosía has the great opportunity to collaborate with Caspian Tradition and become the first exporters of the best gourmet products in Spain.